Triplett TT-110 GrabLite LED Telescoping Flashlight

Triplett TT-110 GrabLite LED Telescoping Flashlight

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HNS Item Number: TT110
Brand: Triplett
MFR #: TT-110
UPC: 0614395030674

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Product Description

Whether you are on the job or at the house, we've all experienced the situation of dropping a small item and having a hard time retrieving it. Enjoy a remedy for that situation while also getting a top-quality flashlight by picking up this TT-110 GrabLite LED Telescoping Flashlight from Triplett.

Triplett's TT-110 Features

- Reliable Machined Aluminum Body Construction with Anodized Black Finish
- 6 Bright High Intensity LEDs
- Includes a Telescoping Magnetic Wand that Extends up to 21"
- Magnet Lifts up to 2 Pounds
- Flexible Gooseneck
- Knurled Hand Grip
- Weather Resistant
- Comes with Carrying Case
- Uses a Single AA Battery (Not Included)

Durable GrabLite Design

Triplett's GrabLite flashlight is manufactured from a strong machined aluminum with a black anodized finish that allows the flashlight to be weather resistant, so you can use it no matter what situation you find yourself in. The light itself features six LEDs that are high intensity and efficient. The body has a knurled hand grip that is easy to handle and can comfortably be stored in the provided carrying case.

Convenient Magnetic Telescoping Wand

What sets Triplett's TT-110 apart is the telescoping wand that is a part of the flashlight. The GrabLite telescoping design features a magnetic retriever wand that extends out up to 21 inches. The rare-earth magnetic can lift items up to 2 pounds, making it perfect to retrieve dropped parts or small metal pieces of hardware. Its flexible gooseneck allows for easy positioning of the magnet and is easily & securely stored out of the way, within the flashlight itself.

For over 100 years, Triplett has devoted their time and effort into provide the best value in test equipment. Based out of New Hampshire, Triplett continues to uphold their reputation of provides high quality, technologically advance, and most importantly, reliable test equipment items in today's marketplace.

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5 Stars -- Unicoi, TN

My daughter gave me the Grablite about 7 years ago and I really like it so when it stopped working I decided I would buy another one. This new one is a little different but the principle is about the same. I had a little trouble finding out how to turn it on so I went back to where I ordered it from to find out how because the instructions that came with the flashlight did not tell you how to turn on the lights. After I found out how to turn on the lights I think your product is a fine invention. [5/17/2018]

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