Fuse Pullers

Fuse Puller Tools

When you remove cartridge type fuses, it's important to protect yourself by using the correct equipment. Not having the right tool can lead to significant danger. Our fuse puller tools help you avoid shocks and burns, and they also enhance the removal process by eliminating any fuse bending to complete the job more efficiently. Check out these comfortable, easy-to-use fuse removal tools.

Remove Fuses Safely and Sufficiently

These fully insulated nylon fuse puller tools will allow you to safely remove and replace fuses on the job or around the home. The non-conductive material of these tools eliminates the threat of shock. While it may not seem necessary, be judicious and careful when removing fuses and use a tool for added safety and help.

Extract and Replace a Fuse Easily

There are times when fuses can be quite difficult to remove. Cramped spaces can create a problem. Fuse panels may be hard to reach, and sometimes you just need a little extra oomph. These fuse removal tools can be quite a handy tool in all these situations. Their molded design and no-slip grips make for more comfortable use, and normal gripping helps your fuse pulling process go smoothly.

Pick out the Correct Fuse Puller Tools from HNSTools today!

When picking out your fuse puller, it's imperative to make sure you have the correct size. There are many different types for different sizes and some only work with a specific type of fuse. The fuse pullers offered at HNSTools have a smaller design that can easily fit into your pocket or tool pouch, letting you conveniently take it with you anywhere you go. A must-have for any electrician's kit, these tools will reliably come through for you when needed.