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Drill Bits

Drill Bit Kits & Tools

Available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, drill bits are the ideal way to clear away material to create a hole. Commonly used by the everyday handyman, as well as a professional contractor, you can never have too many drill bits in your toolbox. HNSTools proudly offers a variety of drill bit kits and tools in different designs and sizes from the top suppliers in the industry. Whether it's a bit for a hand drill or an arbor bit for a power hole saw, you can find it here and trust in its quality.

Find the Drill Bit Based on the Length, Diameter and Material you Need

With the total amount of drill bits out there, finding the correct one can be overwhelming. However, you can narrow your search down by determining certain factors. The material you are working on is important, as harder material such as steel and glass may require specific bits. A softer material gives you more flexibility in terms of design and price. The size of the hole is also important because smaller holes need to be more accurate—a smaller length is more useful in this case. With larger holes, you can be rougher while drilling.

Finally, the tool you'll be using the bits with is also significant, and not just the type of chuck the bit goes into. Certain bits do not work well, if at all, with power drills, while other bits are specifically made for hand-twist screwdrivers. At HNSTools, we have both hand-drill and power drill bits to choose from.

Different Drill Bits come with a Variety of Characteristics

Another characteristic to consider for a drill bit is the spiral of the bit itself. Essentially giving you the rate of twist, the spiral can be fast with a compact flute or slow with an elongated flute. Typically, the fast spirals are needed for applications with low spindle speeds, while the low spiral bits are used with quicker cutting operations, so no material builds up and clogs the hole or bit.

Different bits come with different tip angles based on the material it is designed to work with. This is critical as the angle of the bit point can affect the hole shape, wear rate, and any wandering while in use. When drilling into a softer material, you'll need a bit that has a tip with a more acute angle, while tougher material typically requires a larger angle.

The length of your drill bit is obviously important, as it determines not only how deep a hole can be drilled but also its flexibility. Longer bits are less stiff and more pliable, but they can have a negative effect on your drilling accuracy.

From Common to Specialty Bits

HNSTools has plenty of drill bit kits and varieties from such top suppliers Klein Tools, Greenlee, DeWalt, and more. Besides your everyday screwdriver bits, twist drill bits are one of the most common. Characterized by its pointy tip and spiral grove, these are your typical general-purpose bits that work on most materials. For more accuracy, auger bits are perfect for deeper, more threaded holes. They have a long, spiraling shaft that is better at removing wood and other softer materials.

Enjoy the Unique and Adaptable Design of Step Bits

If you need an all-in-one drill bit, a step bit features a step layout, which lets you drill different hole diameters with the same bit. Usually, the diameter is labeled on each "step" of the bit and increases going up, so the farther you drill, the larger the hole will be. Otherwise known as unibits, they are specifically used for drilling in thinner metal.

Get More Power on Harder Materials with Hole Saws and Masonry Bits

Masonry bits are used for exactly what you think: harder mason surfaces, such as bricks and concrete. The material of these bits is usually much harder and designed to be used with heavier power tools. The longer spiraled shaft can help eliminate any built-up debris while in use as well.

Hole saw arbors are used with hole saws to cut through harder metal and wood by making a perfectly circular cut with ease. The arbors will attach with the hole and the shank of the drill and give you that extra power when cutting.

Get You Drill Bits and Other Tools at Home Network Supply

From drill bits, arbors, and other drill bit kits and tools, find everything you need to get your job done quickly and easily at HNSTools! Be sure and check out our other tools and materials such as hole saws, power tools, screwdrivers, cutters, and regular saws that will make for the perfect addition to your tool assembly!