Conduit Tools

Electrical conduit is imperative to protecting cable and wire inside and outside of a building, so keeping it up to date and correctly maneuvered to a specific layout is essential to its long-term reliability. To accomplish that, you'll need to have dependable tools. HNSTools carries high-quality, reliable tools such as Klein and Ideal made specifically for working with conduit.

Bend, Cut, Expand and Clean Up Conduit with the Correct Tools

Electrical conduit can be made from metal, plastic or fiber and can be rigid. While some upkeep can extend the performance life, rigid conduit may not last as long and needs to be replaced, along with not being able to be adjusted once in use. Flexible conduit allows electricians to better manipulate the protective tubing and adjust it to the wire that it is protecting.

Adjust and Maneuver Electrical Conduit through Bending

One of the ways conduit can be adjusted is by bending it to your desired configuration. This is done with the help of conduit benders. Conduit benders normally come with handles that have size markings on them, making the job much easier. There are three general bends used in the field: the common offset, the saddle and the 90° bend - and the conduit benders we offer help accomplish each bend easily!

Smooth Out and Expand Conduit by Reaming

You can also ream conduit to expand it around the cable. This can be done with hand reamers or conduit ream bits that can go on a power drill. Conduit reamers are an essential part of any professional electrician's tool bag. Reaming conduit can also smooth out the end, especially after making a cut or scoring it to the size of your liking.

Get your Conduit Tools and More from HNSTools!

With HNSTools you get tools and caps specific to electrical conduit from some of the most well-known suppliers in the industry. And while you’re at it, browse other areas of HNSTools to pick up some other tool sets or bags that you may need for your trade!