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Compression & Crimpers

Compression & Crimpers

Making sure you have the proper compression or crimping tool is imperative to ensure a proper connection. If the plug or connector that you have on your cable is not properly crimped or compressed, the purity of your connection will be compromised. So whether you are an average DIYer or a full-time pro on the job, it is important you have the best, most reliable tool to complete the task and ensure a simple, yet unified wire connection. HNSTools is proud to offer a wide variety of different compression  and crimper tools, accessories, kits and replacement blades from the very best brands and suppliers.  Browse our products and we are sure you will find that no matter your specific compression or crimping requirements, we have options to fit your needs. 

Compress and Crimp with Ease

Most of the compression and crimper tools found at HNSTools are quite user-friendly, while still producing a reliable termination and stable connection. The design of these tools makes it easy for the average Joe to produce professional results, while the everyday expert can a enjoy time-saving performance from a reliable tool to make everyone's life much easier.

Compression vs Crimping

Whether you need to use a compression tool or a crimper all comes down to the specific connector/plug you are using. The style of the connector determines whether or not it should be compressed or crimped. When using a wire cable crimping tool, the connector is squeezed onto the outer safeguard of the cable. When using a cable compression tool, the outer shield of the wire is compressed against the connector, typically with a threaded nut of some sort.

One major difference between the two is obviously price. Typically, crimpers are more economically friendly; however, when a connection is compressed, it can usually be removed and reused. A crimped connector can't be taken apart.

Another difference is speed, as professionals can complete a crimp connection in seconds. Cable compression tools require a bit more preparation and tactical use. However, a compression connection is typically more secure and beneficial for protection against moisture and the surrounding environment.

A Variety of Wire Crimpers for Fast, Dependable Performance 

As far as termination methods go, one of the fastest and most reliable ways to do so is by crimping. There's an extensive array of wire cable crimping tools, so choosing the best one to use depends on your needs. For smaller cables on a job that requires more use, the more compact, all-in-one crimpers may be the best option to go with. Typically, these crimpers allow for a wider range of use after just one investment. These crimpers are very popular when using modular connectors and come with cushioned grips that allow them to be used much easier. Some even have wire cutters and strippers built into them.

For more powerful use, the power crimpers and heavy-duty crimpers may be the way to go. The electrical power crimping tools also give you more force and speed behind each crimp. You'll also find ratcheting tools that help prevent crimping under the connector while in use. Everything is dependent on the types of plugs, jacks, terminals, cables, etc. that you are working with as well.

Get a Strong, Reliable Connection and Termination

Our cable compression tools all feature a universal design for a variety of connectors. Compression products typically provide secure termination that contributes to a more integral, environmentally diverse signal and connection.

HNSTools also has replacement blades for your compression and crimper tools that are easy to swap in and out. These blades and dies help keep your tools up to the task and in shape without having to replace the entire tool itself. You can also find full kits that provide you with every aspect you need to get the job done.

Pick up your Tools and Materials from HNSTools Today

You can't go wrong with any of the options available from HNSTools. As one reviewer put it, you'll receive a "First Class Product and Service" from our selection. Once you grab the compression or crimper tool you need, make sure you have all of the preparation items you need to complete the job by checking out the different Wire Strippers and Cable & Connectors that HNSTools has available.