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Coax Tools

Coaxial Cable Tools

As far as standard cable goes, coax is usually what we think of. Even though it is still used regularly around the home and business, the cable will still need some maintenance over time. When you need to troubleshoot, you should make sure you have the proper tools. At HNSTools, we have the right coaxial cable tools to help you get the job done.

Coax cable features an inner conductor, typically copper, that is surrounded by an insulating layer that is then inundated with a tubular conduction shield, typically an outer plastic with an inner woven copper. This design helps to produce a meticulous, consistent conductor spacing to provide more efficient results. In fact, the term coaxial actually stems from the fact that the conductor inside shares a geometric axis with the outer shield that surrounds it.

Essential Tools for a Coax Project

The tools for coaxial cable are just like any other cable tool, but they are crafted with a coax design. You'll find plenty of cable cutting tools that can make a clean cut of the wire, followed by specific compression tools that will properly get your connectors onto the cable itself.

You can also find plenty of coax cable stripping and crimping tools with a variety of designs. There are standard crimpers that are easy to use. Then there are jacket stripping tools that are small in design and adequately remove the jacket off the coaxial wire. We also have strippers that are center conductor cleaners, easily removing the correct amount of jacket and cut back right braid to its proper measurements. Each coaxial cable tool has hardened steel blades and features replacement blade options that are also available within our inventory.

Strip Coaxial Cable Down to the Core

Arguably the most essential coax tools are the coring tools. These essentially strip everything off down to the core conductor so you can make a smooth, proper connection. Most of the coring tools have a 2-in-1 stripping/coring function with a T-handle configuration.

Featuring suppliers such as Cable PrepRipleyKlein and more, you can rest assured that you are getting professional, coaxial cable tools. Once you find the tools you need, pick up any ConnectorsAmplifiersGrounding Supplies and more that you may need to get your task done quickly and efficiently.