Bull Pins & Punches

You can never have too many Bull Pins & Punches lying around. For riveting or connecting of steel with smooth and clean results, Bull Pins & Punches are a must-have for any steel worker. The Bull Pins will help steel structures line up, facilitating the fitting of any connecting bolts or rivets, while the punches will help create or expand the hole when necessary. Each item is manufactured from quality steel and is built to last. Browse through our Bull Pins & Punches to keep your steel lined up, clean and easy!

Keep Steel Structures Aligned

Similar to a nail or screw, bull pins make sure that steel arrangements are fixated to be properly connected through a pin, bolt or rivet. Looking like your typical railroad spike, these pins align the holes by driving its shaft into the hole physically, making it dramatically easier to put your bolts or rivets into place. All of our Bull Pins are manufactured from high-quality alloy steel and are capped off with a black, rust resistant finish.

Bull pins are also heat-treated to add more strength to their performance. You can leave it in place and work on other aspects of the steel structures you are connecting, without having to worry about it coming disjointed.

Broad, Round Head Design for Efficient Use and Easy Removal

Each bull pin has a round-head design to provide a wide striking surface for your Hammer to hit while also providing you a better grip for added leverage. The broad head on these pins prevent mushrooming when struck and lets you easily remove it when necessary. These pins can also naturally be used to help extract other items that you may have trouble removing.

Expand Holes for Cleaner Steel Alignment

Typically these punches can be used to not only help align holes prior to connection, but also enlarge those holes. Whether it is for the connectors themselves or for the bull pins, these punches will expand and even create the openings that you are looking to line up.

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