Klein Tools VDV501-089 VDV Distance Meter

Klein Tools VDV501-089 VDV Distance Meter

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HNS Item Number: VDV501089
Brand: Klein Tools
MFR #: VDV501-089
UPC: 0092644581830

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Product Description

  • Cable Length Measurement - determines cable length automatically up to 1500 ft. (457.2 m) on most cables with +/- 5% accuracy and +/- 1 ft. (0.3 m).
  • Cable Fault Finder determines if cable run is broken or damaged.
  • Cable Manager measures cable remaining in box or on reel. Also simplifies cable estimating and helps you bill jobs more accurately.
  • Pre-programmed with nominal cable length constants for: RG59 coaxial, RG6 coaxial, RG11 coaxial, CAT3 twisted pair, CAT5e twisted pair and CAT6 twisted pair.
  • ''User mode'' lets the user adjust the capacitance/foot constant based on the cable being tested.
  • Voltage icon indicates a voltage (up to 20 volts AC or DC) is present in cable being tested and will disable unit.
  • Measurements can be switched between metric and imperial units.
  • Other features included: 2.25'' (57 mm) LCD display, auto-power off, low battery indicator and 2 year warranty.
  • Length constant range: 10 to 40pF/ft. (33 to 132pF/meter).
  • Distance Meter includes: 2 alligator clip leads, 1 RJ-style twisted pair plug, 1 coaxial F-connector jack, 1 9V alkaline battery.
  • Battery life: 425 hours active; 4 years standby.
  • Height: 4.9'' (124 mm); Width: 2.7'' (69 mm); Depth: 1.4'' (36 mm)