Greenlee CMI-200 2500-Amp Industrial Clamp Meter

Greenlee CMI-200 2500-Amp Industrial Clamp Meter

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HNS Item Number: CMI200
Brand: Greenlee Tool
MFR #: CMI-200
UPC: 0783310075677

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Product Description

The Greenlee CMI-200 Clamp-on Ammeter is a hand-held testing device with the ability to measure AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, frequency and resistance.  The meter will produce a 1 mV/A output when measuring AC and DC current. The also can test diodes and verify continuity.

The Greenlee CMI-200 is a True RMS Meter

The true RMS reading method of the CMI-200 uses internal circuitry to read the true RMS value. This method is accurate whether the input signal is a pure sine wave, a square wave, sawtooth, half wave or signal with harmonics. The ability to read true RMS provides you with much more measurement versatility.

The Greenlee CMI-200 Clamp Meter Features:

  • True RMS for accurate measurement when harmonics are present
  • High capacity 2500A DC, 2100A AC amperage measurement
  • 600V AC/DC voltage, frequency, and resistance measurements for maximum versatility
  • Peak hold, min-max, relative offset and analog bar graphto help monitor power changes
  • Produces 1mV per amp output to allow use as a remote transducer, linked to a multimeter or oscilloscope
  • Auto power off for longer battery life
  • Accessories included: (1) 9V battery, test leads, carrying case