Pocket Cable Toner

Pocket Cable Toner

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HNS Item Number: BRCXT03639
Brand: Vericom
MFR #: BRCXT-03639
UPC: 0846788036394

Product Description

We offer these pocket cable toners with one port for the cable lead and an audible sounder for tone verification. These cable toners were designed for RF cable applications.

These are the most useful devices for professional installers, by helping troubleshoot cable problems. This tool tones out the circuit and has an LED visual indicator indicating a good or bad connection.

  • LED light indicates DC shorts, splitters and other self-grounding devices in cable
  • An audio tone identifies line carrying signal
  • Checks circuit integrity in new and installed cable
  • Right angle male push-on connector permits working in tight areas
  • Quick, easy continuity checks, even in systems with large cable clusters
  • Rugged all-metal construction for reliability