Tempo 701K-G Tone And Probe Kit

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HNS Item Number: 701K
Brand: Tempo Communications
MFR #: 701K-G
UPC: 0783310499909

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Product Description

Our best selling tone & probe kit!

The 701K by Tempo is the industry-standard kit for tracing voice, data, and video wiring. By connecting the Tone Generator to a single wire or pair of wires, the conductor can be identified at the remote end with the Probe. These tone generators can be used on twisted pair wiring (telecom, datacom, etc.), single conductors, coaxial cables, de-energized AC wiring and most other wiring. Use the 701K-G kit to identify and trace wires or cables more efficiently.

The Tempo 701K-G Features:

  • Headset and Adjustable Gain Control (200EP-G)
  • LED Work light - view behind furniture, inside racks, and other dim lighting conditions.
  • LED Tone Proximity Indicator - illuminates brighter the closer you get to the correct pair (closer to the tone).
  • Detect Faults - one or two line telephone service, voltage/polarity and shorts/continuity (77HP-G)
  • Distinct Tracing Signatures - two warble tones available for easier tracing.
  • Enhanced Voltage Protection up to 150 V DC.
  • Metal or Plastic Tips - Choose the best tip for the job.

Included in the Tone & Probe Kit:

  • 77HP high power tone generator
  • 200EP inductive amplifier
  • A rugged 700C woven polyester carrying case
  • Modular plug, alligator test leads, RJ11/45, socket adapter

77HP Tone Generator Details:

  • Selectable warble tone Continuity testing
  • Polarity testing
  • Talk battery supply
  • 2 line modular test lead (RJ-11)
  • 3 color LED (identifies AC ring voltage)
  • Weather resistant design 200EP

200EP Inductive Amplifier:

  • Powerful receiver gain permits accurate identification in even the most congested cable bundles and equipment rooms.
  • 2 inch speaker and a recessed on/off pushbutton control
  • LED for visual signal strength indication
  • Adjustable volume control for more precise identification
  • Recessed tabs for buttset or headset connection
  • 1-year warranty
  • Battery operated (9V not included)

4 Stars  -- Mark

Excellent tone.Using everyday at work and it is beilliant.Very loud and strong even over long distances.Looks slightly different to photos and the people is hard to get into the pouch but over all a great purchase. [3/14/2020]

5 Stars -- FORT JONES, CA

Very good tool. [10/10/2019]

5 Stars -- Tucson, AZ

Great tool and price. Excellent service, received before expected date. Very pleased, Regards, John [7/17/2019]

5 Stars -- Morrison, CO

perfect [4/26/2019]

5 Stars -- Vancouver, WA

Greenlee Products have been 1st rate for years and the 701K & 701K-G is no exception. It is money well spent. [3/21/2019]

5 Stars -- OR

Thank you as usual. [2/14/2019]

5 Stars -- Clover, SWC

Tone probe and tone are Great. The probe picks up tones even in cable with lots of inductive noise and also has a light and connections for butt set and headset jack. Glad you had this set for sale and at a good price. [2/9/2019]

5 Stars -- Oregon

Thank you. [1/28/2019]

5 Stars -- Las Vegas, NV

Even better than I expected! Best price and has line 1&2. [11/23/2018]

5 Stars -- Arkansas

I had a similar kit before, but the Greenlee kit is superb, and can do very detailed detection. I am extremely happy with the product [6/29/2018]

5 Stars -- Valparaiso, IN

I bought this as a gift. My friend likes it and the the delivery time was exceptional, like 2 days from order placement. Unbelievable! Thanks again. [4/24/2018]

5 Stars -- Oregon

Thank you as usual. [10/15/2017]

5 Stars -- Sarasota, FL

It is a wonderful item. Until now, it took time and labor to explore the wiring, but I was able to find it easily, I am very satisfied. [3/21/2017]

5 Stars -- San Diego, CA

I ordered this for my husband, his old one broke. I am very impressed by the fast shipping and quality of this. This one was a nice surprise for him. You can use headphones with it and comes with a light, the volume is off the chart. We will definitely be order more products in the future, thank you for your great customer service A+++ [9/11/2016]

5 Stars -- Ajax, ON

The best tools collection , the best price and service. [7/26/2016]

4 Stars  -- Payson, AZ

The tone gen and probe work okay, but the mystery here is the case that is clam-shell packaged with the tools. The tone gen does NOT fit in the case.... no way! Why package a case that does not accommodate the tone gen? The Greenlee name has been around a long time so why do something really stupid like this? Another company resting on their reputation, rather than quality products. Therefor 4 stars. [6/27/2016]

5 Stars -- Gate City, VA

Great product, good price, and great service. Will deal with these folks again, and happy with the quality of this set [6/22/2016]

5 Stars -- millville, NJ

Found prices right and shipping (free) super fast! [3/18/2016]

5 Stars -- BEAVERTON, OR

Good Deal. Thanks. [11/24/2015]

5 Stars -- BEAVERTON, OR

Good Deal. Thanks! [11/1/2015]

5 Stars -- Sarasota, FL

This product is very wonderful! An action is also quick and polite. Thank you! [10/1/2014]

5 Stars -- Shelby Township, MI

Wonderful sales person. Very prompt on follow up and delivery and very user friendly. Will purchase again from this supplier. I give them 5 Star. [1/9/2014]

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