Telco Sales FVD/FVDP Foreign Voltage Detector (FVD) w/ Leather Pouch

Telco Sales FVD/FVDP Foreign Voltage Detector (FVD) w/ Leather Pouch

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Brand: Telco Sales
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Product Description

Telco Sales Foreign Voltage Detector (FVD) tests for potentially hazardous AC voltage that may be encountered by technicians in the low voltage and communication industries.

The FVD Warns You Without Contacting the Electric Source

The FVD warns technicians of hazardous voltage without contacting the electric source. The ten step bar graph display shows the amount of AC being detected and an audible alarm will sound if the detected AC voltage exceeds 50 volts. 

The FVD/FVDP includes both the FVD meter and the FVDP leather hostler with belt hoster.  The light weight voltage meter is light wieght, small in size, and suppresses 20 Hz ringing and radio stations’ signals.

Pick up one of these voltage detectors today for reliable non-contact AC detection.

Features of the FVD/FVDP Foreign Voltage Meter

  • Gives advance warning on extremely hazardous voltages
  • Senses voltages without contacting the source electrically
  • Indicates voltage both visually and audibly
  • Suppresses 20Hz ringing and radio stations’ signals with built-in filters
  • Housed in non-conductive material
  • Exceeds dielectric strength tests for greater than 20 KV
  • Allows tests parameters to be factory adjusted
  • UL listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards
  • Made in U.S.A.

-- Mogadore, OH

Have used product previously and like the product along with the W1BU cord with the FVD cap. Will most likely be ordering more for other crews. [2/13/2017]