With almost 50 years of business in the lighting and safety industry, Streamlight has been recognized as a top choice for many professionals and DIYers. While providing affordable quality flashlights, work lights, and wearable lights, operating on both rechargeable and regular batteries, you’ll be able to discover the product you need at a reasonable price.

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Lights in All Sizes

The best things come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. From lights that will fit on your keychain to heavy-duty tactical lights in a variety of colors from pink, yellow, blue, etc. You’ll be able to find a product that best fits your need and personality.

While providing LED flashlights in a variety of styles and colors, Streamlight has mastered the art of handiness. Featuring products with a magnetic base for easy mounting, 180-degree head adjustments, and multiple light modes.

Lights For Every Industry

Streamlight provides specialized lights for handymen and professionals in the law enforcement, industrial, fire, auto, outdoor, and sporting markets; with innovative designs that allow for quick illumination in dark, foggy hazardous conditions. While providing convenience in every one of their lights, they also ensure maximum performance and durability.

There is a reason Streamlight has conquered the safety and light industry for years. Get the performance and illumination you need with Streamlight on HNSTools.