Master Lock 185D Shrouded Padlock

Master Lock 185D Shrouded Padlock

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HNS Item Number: 185D
Brand: Master Lock
MFR #: 185D
UPC: 0071649048029

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Product Description

The 185D padlock from Master Lock provides a shroud to cover the shackle and helps to prevent it from being defeated with a bolt cutters. Our customers have found it to be rugged and reliable for inside and outside applications.

The 185D Padlock is Rugged & Reliable

The body of this lock is 1-15/16" wide and made of stainless steel.  This not only means that it is extremely strong, but that it is also resistant to corrosion due to moisture, chemicals, rust, and salt.  The keyhole is conveniently located on the front and covered by a protective door to keep the inside mechanism working smoothly and free from contaminates.  Master Lock included lock picking deterrent technology that makes this difficult to pick or break open.  Included with each padlock are two identical keys.

The hardened steel shackle is 9/32" in diameter and 5/8" long.  This size makes it ideal for gym lockers, storage sheds, and similar uses.  The shackle's material is resistant to cutting and sawing and it's shroud makes it difficult to access the shackle with a destructive tool. 

Reliably lock up your locker or shed with a 185D that you can purchase today!

Our Customers Often Use the Shrouded 185D For the Following Applications:

  • Storage Lockers
  • Self Storage Units
  • Sheds, Workshops & Garages
  • Trailers, Vans & Moving Trucks

Specification of the Master Lock 185D Padlock

  • Titanium Series™ shrouded padlocks reinforced for maximum strength
  • 1-15/16in (49mm) Wide stainless steel lock body with No Rust Lifetime Guarantee
  • “Bolt Cutter Tough” and “Crowbar Resistant” hardened steel shrouded shackle offers extreme cut and pry resistance
  • Weather Tough™ sliding keyway cover keeps dirt and grime from jamming the locking mechanism
  • Scratch proof and durable ABS plastic bumper
  • Key retaining feature ensures padlock is not left unlocked


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works great [5/29/2017]

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Great product, but did not fit around my bins. [4/22/2014]