Master Lock 265DCCSEN Dual Function Home Entry Door Security Bar

Master Lock 265DCCSEN Dual Function Home Entry Door Security Bar

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HNS Item Number: 265DCCSEN
Brand: Master Lock
UPC: 0071649218224

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Product Description

The Door Security Bar from Master Lock helps to keep you safe inside your home while keeping thieves and in-laws out. The 265DCCSEN Security Bar is constructed of 20-gauge steel and can easily withstand more than 350 pounds of force ensuring that your doors remain securely shut and frustrate any would-be intruders.

Secure Your Home with the 265DCCSEN Master Lock Door Security Bar

The adjustable length bar goes from 27-1/2" to 42", and can be used upright on a hinged door or horizontal on a sliding door. Whether you use the Master Lock Security Bar for a sliding or hinged door application, you can rest assured that the design features are optimized to keep you and your family safe.

Using the Security Bar on Sliding Doors

The Dual Function Security Bar is designed to fit most sliding doors.  To secure a sliding door, simply turn the bar on its side, remove the top by pulling out the pin, and adjust the bar to the length of your door (up to 42"). Once properly adjusted, the bar will create a firm seating between the door and jamb, ensuring that no one can enter the door from the outside.

Using the 265DCCSEN Under the Doorknob on Hinged Doors

This option will use the Security Bar as a wedge between the doorknob and the floor.  To secure a door, begin by extending the bar farther than the distance from the floor to the doorknob.  Then slide the top of the bar under the doorknob and place the pivoting rubber foot end onto the floor at an angle.  Bump the bottom of the steel tube forcing the rubber 'foot' toward the threshold of the door.  The door should now be secure.  Most floor surfaces should work fine but you may want to experiment with different angles to find the most secure position.

Get a few Master Lock Security Bars today and add extra security to all your home's doors!

Specifications of the Master Lock 265DCCSEN

  • Dual function door security bar for hinged and sliding doors
  • Resists forced entry through doors and sliding patio doors.
  • Adjusts from 27-1/2in (70cm) - 42in (1.1m) to fit most standard doors and sliding patio doors
  • Top piece removes for sliding door application
  • Rugged 20 gauge steel construction
  • Pivoting ball joint assures full contact with floor
  • Padded foot provides sure grip without scratching

-- Owatonna MN

Excellent tool! [11/5/2018]

-- Bakersfield, CA

It's everything that was as advertised and we are very happy with the product and the prompt delievery. Now we want to order another one for a separate door! [8/18/2015]

-- Las Vegas, NV

it can stand up to the more expensive versions of this type of security at a more affordable price. And the main thing does the job. In fact, I'm thinking about ordering my second security bar from them again. [8/12/2015]

-- Dunedin, FL

We are very happy with the product Thank you. [8/19/2014]

-- Fort Worth, Texas

Excellent product. Well built, and very strong. Easy to use, and very adaptable to both doors, and patio sliders. [8/6/2009]