Master Lock 94DSPT Combination Gun Lock

Master Lock 94DSPT Combination Gun Lock

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HNS Item Number: 94DSPT
Brand: Master Lock
UPC: 0071649014918

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Product Description

The Master Lock 94DSPT trigger lock helps prevent accidental usage and is one step to enhance firearm safety. Trigger-locks are meant to protect you and your family from accidental usage, and additional safety precautions should be used in addition to this lock.  The combination gun lock is easy to install and features an adjustable ratchet mechanism for positive locking on most handguns, rifles, and shotguns.

Set Your Own Combination with the 94DSPT Combination Gun Lock

Customers choose this trigger lock over others primarily because you can set your own combination and don't have to keep track of more keys.  This allows you to frequently set and change combinations on one or more of the locks. Setting your own custom combination with the 3 dials is also easy and intuitive. 

The gun lock is very durable thanks to it's steel and zinc body and includes protective rubber pads protect gun’s finish from marring or scratching.  Although the lock is durable, it's intended purpose is not to prevent a thief from stealing the gun and eventually gaining access to fire the weapon. 

Buy the Master Lock Trigger Lock for increased firearm safety and peace of mind in your home. 

Instructions for Use

  1. To open lock, set dials to combination (combination is pre-set to 0-0-0 by factory). With dials set to combination, move release lever to open, or up, position. Pull apart the two sides of the gun lock. MAKE SURE GUN IS UNLOADED AND NOT COCKED.
  2. Move release lever back down to locked position and scramble combination dials. Insert front lock unit with ratchet post through trigger guard, behind trigger if possible.
  3. Insert rear unit, with outside edges of both units matching. Note that self-adjusting pins usually permit lock to be installed in more than one position.
  4. After determining best locking position, press the two units together. Make certain lock is tight and cannot be moved after it is installed. If it can be, press units tighter together until immovable.

Important Safety Warning:

DO NOT USE THIS LOCK ON A LOADED GUN! Attempts to use on a loaded gun may result in an accidental discharge. A loaded gun must always be regarded as dangerous. If the lock becomes damaged in any way do not attempt to use on your firearm.

We do not guarantee that this product will lock all firearms. It will block access to many guns when properly attached. Some lever action rifles, firearms without trigger guard surrounding the triggers, guns with extra light or extra wide triggers or guns with trigger shoes or extensions may not be able to be effectively locked with this gun lock.  No gun lock can offer complete protection against the accidental or intentional misuses of firearms. Keep guns unloaded and out of children's reach.  We are not responsible for incidental or consequential damages.

Features of the 4DSPT

  • Set Your Own numeric combination
  • The world standard in trigger lock design
  • Steel and zinc body for maximum durability
  • Features positive locking with adjustable ratchet mechanism
  • Special rubber pads protect gun’s finish from marring or scratching
  • 3 dial combination security for keyless convenience
  • Fits many handguns, rifles and shotguns

-- Seattle, WA

The lock that I received was in great condition, works well, was sent in a timely manner and was in professional packaging. [10/11/2018]

-- Briarcliff Manor NY

I have not used any of these current locks as they were future use. I have used this product before and it is very good lock. The price was good. The locks usually cost $17 each w/o tax , but by buying four the price with tax was $12 each. Shipping from the seller was fast, and all the locks were new and unopened. [8/31/2018]

-- Swansea Ma.

It is well made easy to open and close also good price [8/10/2018]

-- Norwalk, Ct. 06850

Great product! The only one have any faith or reliability in. Wouldn’t buy anything else, and at a great price too. Would be Happy to do business with again anytime. Quick service and a pleasure. Thanks. [4/3/2018]

  -- Atlanta, GA

I purchase couple of these locks for my handgun and rifle. they fit handgun well, but not for the rifle (ar-15). In general they are good choice, if the size of the trigger guard matches them. [8/15/2016]