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UtiliShelf - Magnetic Portable Utility Shelf PLUS - 30lb Capacity

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HNS Item Number: 1706
Brand: Zepolla Innovations
MFR #: 1706

Product Description

The UtiliShelf® Model 1706 takes what’s great about the original and makes it even better. With 3 magnets and 2 nylon straps, it holds twice the weight and only weighs 1.5lbs more. If you need something heavy-duty, this is it!

UtiliShelf Plus Features and Specifications

- 17-1/4" L x 15-3/4" H x 2" W
- 30LB capacity
- Cup protectors for delicate, painted surfaces
- Vinyl-coated mouse pad for laptop computer
- Adjustable magnet positions for I-Beams
- Di-electrically safe

The UtiliShelf Plus provides a safe hands-free work station for your everyday needs by means of powerful magnets. The UtiliShelf will simply attach to anything metal (16 gauge or thicker for full magnet strength). With the UtiliShelf you don’t have to be frustrated with trying to find a place to set your things anymore!




UtiliShelf Plus Includes

- Three magnets with protectors
- Pair of nylon support straps
- Pad

The UtiliShelf provides a hands-free experience, making your job easier, more productive, safer, ease of operation that requires minimal training and it provides portability and easy storage. The UtiliShelf provides a convenient work desk virtually anywhere you need one.

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5 Stars -- Duesseldorf, Germany

Thank you for the brilliant performance and shipping. Tool is nicely [1/20/2023]

5 Stars -- Perrysburg, OH

Product works as described. Magnets are adjustable to give a larger area of support. I had my son 3D print a mouse platform to hang off the side to add additional functionality for the work I do. I would recommend it for any technician who tries to collect data in the field that has to hold a laptop and type then waits for the data to download. [11/24/2022]

5 Stars -- Montreal

Really usufull and excellent quality [8/11/2022]

5 Stars -- Richmond, VA

I run a commissioning team primarily testing mechanical and electrical equipment in data centers. My team is on the go daily moving from one piece of equipment to another and their laptops move with them. The Utilishelf's that we have been using have proven their worth to us daily. What a great functional product of exceptional quality. We will continue to order more of these as our team continues to grow. Thanks!! [7/4/2022]

5 Stars -- Grand Haven

I was having difficulty finding a gate-mounted table for use in my Jeep while overlanding. So, I gave the Magnetic Portable Utility Shelf a try...it worked really well. The fit/size was perfect. It stayed in place while I traversed rough terrain, was easily deployed when I needed to prepare, and was easily removed for storage when I didn't need it. Here's a link to a few pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/263QmT9PkoV7MKmH7 [6/27/2022]

5 Stars -- Benson

Great quality and very useful tool for any service tech [11/9/2021]

5 Stars -- Tulsa, OK

This is used at field panels that were not built with shelves. This has been very useful in my line of work. Great product. [6/1/2021]

5 Stars -- New York, NY

strong holding with my 17" Dell laptop. little pricey but good product. Don't need to find a table or something to lay my laptop on any more. now need to find a chair LOL. [4/25/2021]

5 Stars -- corpus christi, Tx

the shelf is very sturdy and works great. [12/1/2020]

5 Stars -- ONTARIO

Very handy for those sites with no tables. No more sitting on the floor anymore. So easy to carry with you as well. [7/24/2020]

5 Stars -- Hopewell VA

Works as intended. Enough room on the side for my mouse. I would suggest padding for your wrist. Other than that it's perfect. [7/13/2020]

5 Stars -- Lake city, SC

Great product for field work. This save me a hassle to carry table around. [1/22/2020]

5 Stars -- Audobon Pa

This is a great idea and great product. Very handy out in the field on jobsites.Fast shipping as well [11/26/2019]

5 Stars -- Kearney. MO

I wish we would had these years ago. It is going to be great to set up this little computer desk and be able to type with both hands. [10/29/2019]

5 Stars -- Richmond, VA

Well made product, addressed a E&I shop safety concern, provides a safe option to perform equipment testing in the field. [8/16/2019]

5 Stars -- Zephyrhills, Florida

Love this shelf. Works great and provides a desk in the industrial environments I work in. Great product. [5/22/2019]

5 Stars -- FWB Florida

This shelf is simply amazing, allows you to work up close and hands free. No worries about dropping your computer if using one or excellent for placing your tools within reach. Very well made. [5/8/2019]

5 Stars -- Eugene, OR

Super idea and I look forward to extensive use in the field. [4/16/2019]

4 Stars  -- Sharon, MA

This product performs as advertised. The magnets are adjustable so you can get a different spread pattern depending on what surfaces you are likely to be attaching the shelf too. The only drawback is price. $145 is a lot to pay for a piece of molded plastic and three magnets. This was purchased for evaluation & consideration for my company's service technicians that use field laptops. Too expensive for bulk purchasing but it appears to be durable. $89 would have been a better price point. [3/5/2019]

5 Stars -- Pittsburgh

Sturdy product, great for holding my laptop during chiller PM and repairs [2/18/2019]

5 Stars -- Ridgway, PA

Works great! wish I would have found this sooner [10/12/2018]

5 Stars -- Pewaukee, wi

Unit works great, customer service is outstanding [9/30/2018]

4 Stars  -- Ocala, Florida

I really like this product. My only critique is that the latching mechanism has significant room for improvement. Possibly switch to small magnets or a magnetic strip on each side of the handle. Whatever improvement implemented should be without additional cost. [7/13/2018]

5 Stars -- Twin Cities, MN

Solid sturdy workstation. Great for setting a laptop top on and hanging a small tool pouch. [3/26/2018]

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