Liberty AV Solutions DL-AR Universal HDMI Adapter Ring

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HNS Item Number: DLAR
Brand: Liberty A/V Solutions
UPC: 0060144615840

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Product Description

Eliminate your customer's panic and expense when presentation adapters go missing or get lost! Liberty's patent-pending adapter ring locks in the HDMI cable going to your display while any adapter you may need is at your fingertips.

Not only do you get a solid and reliable connection, but the adapters are guaranteed to stay locked to the HDMI cable so they won't get lost for the next presentation!

The DL-AR allows a single HDMI cable to accommodate many popular devices via DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, Mini HDMI (C), Micro HDMI (D), and DVI-D.

Purchase the DL-AR today and don't get caught without the right connectors tomorrow.

Typical Applications for the DL-AR Adapter Ring:

  • Adapting various mobile content devices to HDMI
  • Interfacing Laptops, Macs, iPad, Smartphone to HDMI
  • Boardroom, Education, House of Worship, Presentations

Universal HDMI Adapter Ring Features:

  • Secure your presentation adapters with the cable clamp and security loop
  • Cable clamp mounts on the HDMI cable and holds the high tensile strength cable loop in place
  • Each adapter has a unique eyelet of durable construction to mount onto the cable
  • Two sets of foam inserts for HDMI cables from 3mm to 9mm in diameter
  • Two sets of screws and nuts provided with each adapter package
  • T-10 Torx® pin driver and 1.5mm hex key wrench tool kit sold separately
  • HDMI cable not included

Included HDMI Adapters:

  • DisplayPort plug (male) to HDMI jack (female)
  • Mini DisplayPort plug (male) to HDMI jack (female)
  • Mini HDMI (C) plug (male) to HDMI jack (female)
  • Micro HDMI (D) plug (male) to HDMI jack (female)
  • DVI-D plug (male) to HDMI jack (female)

California Residents Proposition 65 Warning -

1 Star  -- Toronto, Ontario

This adapter from Liberty AV does not work. Great service from HN Tools though! [3/27/2018]

5 Stars -- n/a

We use these in our conference rooms at work; our users love it. These are actually pretty good at doing what they're supposed to: removing the need for multiple video cables on the desk and connecting different models of laptop to the TV. I thought they would look ugly in our conference rooms because they look bulky and akin to a groundskeeper's key chain from the photos. Although now that I've seen them first hand they actually look pretty good. We're looking into purchasing more. [6/9/2015]

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