Klein Tools VDV226-110 Pass-Thru Modular Crimper

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HNS Item Number: VDV226110
Brand: Klein Tools
MFR #: VDV226-110
UPC: 0092644690945

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Product Description

Klein's VDV226-110 Pass-Thru Modular Crimper cuts, strips and crimps twisted pair cable (STP/UTP) utilizing pass-through technology which significantly reduces prep work time with flush cut wire trimming blade!

Klein Tools VDV226-110 Modular Crimper Features

- All-in-one tool cuts, strips and crimps paired-conductor cables
- Klein's patented Pass-Thru technology
- Significantly reduces prep work time
- Flush-cut wire trimming blade
- Convenient on-tool wiring guide helps to minimize wiring errors
- Eliminates rework and wasted materials
- 2,000+ cuts from durable, heat-treated blades
- Rubber grips for added comfort
- Trims flush to end face of connector to eliminate unintended contact between conductors
- Full cycle ratchet mechanism ensures complete connector termination
- Heavy duty metal frame for durability
- Crimps RJ11/RJ12 standard modular connectors and crimps and trims Klein Tools RJ45 Pass-Thru Connectors
- Cable parameters: 28-22 AWG flat or round; solid or stranded telephone and data

Klein VDV226-110 Pass-Thru Crimper Specifications

- Handle Color: Yellow/Black
- Handle Finish: Dual Material Cushion Overlay
- Position/Pair/Conductors: 4, 6, and 8-position RJ11/RJ12 Standard
- Crimps: RJ11/RJ12 Standard; Klein Tools Pass-Thru™ Connectors
- Cuts & Strips: STP/UTP and Flat Satin Phone Cable
- Overall Length: 6-3/32"

Please Note: Not for use with standard (non-pass through) connectors

Warning: NOT insulated. Will NOT protect against electrical shock.

Since 1857, Klein Tools has been an industry leader in manufacturing tools. Family-owned for over six generations, Klein Tools has developed a strong reputation for providing hand tools that deliver in precision and performance for even the most active professionals.

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5 Stars -- CHICAGO

Great tool. I highly recommend. [10/25/2019]

5 Stars -- WA

Here is what I like. -Color codes -heavy duty construction -automatically trims pass through plugs The only thing that is a little awkward is using the stripper feature. It just feels a little awkward to me. But this is really a small complaint. This is an awesome tool. [1/27/2018]

5 Stars -- Madison, WI

Great crimper, big time saver, which in return saves money. [1/21/2018]

5 Stars -- Michigan

Klein sent out this beauty for me to try out free of charge for a honest review and honestly I love this tool I’m a Journeyman Electrician who from time to time has to run low volt and it’s hard to remember something when you rarely preform the task which is why my favorite feature is the On tool wiring diagram also love the comfort and the handle of the tool in hand it’s by far my favorite Tool in my data bag it’s sharp strips the jacket on the cable clean and the pass through connectors are time saving I hear people don’t like them saying they fail quite often haven’t come across this as of yet hands down today I recommend this tool for anyone who works on or stumbles across data drops #kleintools #kleincrusaders [1/19/2018]

5 Stars -- Jordan

This is a well built and easy tool to use [1/16/2018]

5 Stars -- Michigan

I recently got this tool to try out. I put it through a weeks worth of testing at work before I realised I love this tool. I did have a small learning curve with the pass thru ends. I found it much easier to make sure the wires are very straight and then to trim them off even before attempting to put them thru the connectors. I also found it beneficial to use the tool to hold the connector in place while pushing the wires thru. The cutter and jacket stripper blades are razor sharp and work flawlessly. The crimper and wire cutter end also worked fantastic. I thought it was a nice touch to add the wire diagrams on the tool to help the casual user or any electrician who does not terminate often. Overall I think it is a great tool and I am glad that I was able to add it to my collection. It easily retired my old setup. Now I just have to stock up on pass thru ends so I do not run out. Thanks Klein for a great tool! #kleintools #kleincrusaders [1/13/2018]

5 Stars -- Detroit, Michigan

Recently got these to try out. Took them to work this week and they outworked my previous set-up hands down. A great tool from Klein and easy to use. The ends took some getting use to for me but after a few they saved me time and aggravation #kleincrusaders #kleintools [1/12/2018]

5 Stars -- Waxahachie, Texas

Sponsored Klein Crusader review Very well thought out and executed tool by Klein Tools. Feels great in the hand and eliminates re-work. Look into this Crimper if you are in the market for one. [1/12/2018]

5 Stars -- Alexander City

This Klein crimper is a compact, all-in-one tool especially suited for making custom ethernet cables. [1/10/2018]

4 Stars  -- Napa, CA

As an invited Klein Crusader I finally had a chance to use this tool they sent me as a promotional offer. I struggled with it at first, and was skeptical after my first try using the pass-thru connectors (normally I use their standard compact modular crimper); but I discovered a few tricks that made it easier on further terminations. 1) Trim the ends, and straighten everything before inserting into the connector (I thought since it was pass-thru I could get by without it, but with rough ends they get all messed up in their). 2) Put the connector in the crimper port before pushing the cable through. This is definitely a nice crimper, and having the ends pass-thru makes it REALLY great to double check your wires before crimping down. I'd say the only thing that would make this one a little better would be the ability to use standard non-pass connectors, so one tool could be used anywhere. The feel and quality of this one are great, though I like the locking handle on my compact crimper a little better. If all you plan to do is have pass-thru connectors this is a great tool, but practice making a few jumpers first, it takes some getting used to. [1/9/2018]

5 Stars -- Ohio

These crimpers are easy to use, wiring diagram on both sides ensures a quick install. [1/6/2018]

5 Stars -- Michigan

I recieved this tool for free from Klein along with other incentives for a non-bias and fair review. Let me start out by saying though, this tool absolutely blows any competitor out of the water. Right out of the package you can feel how sturdy it is, how smooth it functions and how well it is truly built. This has easily become my go-to tool for terminations and will be in my tool pouch for many years to come!! [1/2/2018]

Pass-Thru Modular Crimper

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