Klein-Kurve 11057 Wire Stripper/Cutter - Solid and Stranded Wire

Made in USA

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HNS Item Number: 11057
Brand: Klein Tools
MFR #: 11057
UPC: 0092644740565

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Product Description

Used and loved by electricians working with smaller gauge wire, the Klein Kurve 11057 makes stripping wires precise and easy for everyone. Use them to cleanly cut 22 - 32 AWG stranded wire and 20 - 30 AWG solid wire.  It can be hard to find a wire strippers that goes down to 32 gauge for stranded wire, and even harder to find a pair that doesn't damage your fine wire strands; The Klein-Kurve can do this and more.

The Klein 11057 Wire Strippers are Sharp, Easy, and Cut Precisely

Klein caters to the electrical industry which is why they made Klein-Kurve with precision shear-type blades that reliably cut and strip wires. They are also easy and comfortable to use.  The spring action grip's tension is the perfect balance to allow you to strip a cable then open back up for the next cable.  The spring stays on very well even when jostled around in your tool box or on the job site.

The Klein Stripper Has a Few Tricks up its Sleeve!

The Klein strippers also has a few extra features to help get the job done faster. Features such as the serrated nose for easily bending, shaping, and pulling wire.  The holes on the side of the stripper are designed to bend and shape wire to be wrapped around screw terminals.  With two shearing holes built into the stripper, you also have the ability to cut bolts/screws commonly found when installing outlets and wall boxes. 

The Klein-Kurve's Curved Handle Makes a Major Difference

The Klein Kurve's curved handle may not seem like a major difference from other options, but after using a straight handle you will find that the extra leverage and ergonomic feel makes a world of difference!  This becomes more apparent when using a wire strippers all day with smaller strand wire.  Other strippers leave your hand fatigued trying to use just the right pressure while not damaging the wire.  The innovative curved Klein handle gives the perfect angle for comfort and precision stripping.

If you find yourself stripping smaller gauge wire fairly often, pick up the Klein Kurve 11057 to be amazed at the quality and performance of a professional tool!

Specifications of the Klein-Kurve 11057

  • Overall Length: 7-1/8'' (181 mm)
  • Screw Shearing: 6-32 & 8-32
  • 20 - 30 AWG Solid
  • 22 - 32 AWG Stranded
  • Precision shear-type blades for clean cuts on solid and stranded copper wire
  • Easy-to-read markings on both sides
  • Curved handles help reach into confined areas
  • Wire looping and bending holes
  • Coil spring provides fast self-opening action
  • Precision-ground stripping holes
  • Strong-gripping serrated nose; for easy bending- shaping- and pulling of wire
  • Screw-shearing holes
  • Handy closure lock for convenient storage
  • Handle Color: blue/red

California Residents Proposition 65 Warning - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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