Klein 1804-60 Hand Line With Snap Hook

Klein 1804-60 Hand Line With Snap Hook

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HNS Item Number: 1804-60
Brand: Klein Tools
MFR #: 1804-60
UPC: 0092644480324

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Product Description

Sometimes a little elbow grease can go a long way!  Use the Klein 1804-60 Hand Line rope to pull up a bucket, tools, materials, or anything else you need.  To make the job go easier, the polypropylene rope handles really nice; Not too rough for your hands, and not to slippery when wearing gloves.  The convenient snap hook will allow you to clip and unclip your load quickly and without the hassle of tying/untying ropes.  With 75' of rugged line to work with, you'll wear out long before the Klein 1803-60 ever will!  

Features of the Klein 1804-60 Hand Line:

  • Made of 5/16" (8 mm) three-strand polypropylene rope spliced to eye of snap hook .
  • Line 75' (23 m) long.
  • Forged steel with swivel clevis and quick-acting plunger-style latch.