Ideal 30-4951 FT-45 Replacement Blade

Ideal 30-4951 FT-45 Replacement Blade

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HNS Item Number: 304951
Brand: Ideal
MFR #: 30-4951
UPC: 0783250789634

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Product Description

While putting your Ideal FT-45 Feed-Thru Crimp Tool to good use, over time you will likely need to replacement the heavy-duty blade within the tool. When that time comes, make sure to pick up the direct, specific replacement by ordering this all-new 30-4951 FT-45 Replacement Blade from Ideal Industries that is designed specifically for their 30-495 crimp tool.

Ideal's 30-4951 Replacement Blade Features

- Custom heavy-duty replacement cutting blade
- Specifically designed for 30-495 FT-45 Crimp Tool
- Produces over 2,000 cuts
- Includes a blade, screw and spacer

A Top-Quality, Easy to Install Replacement

When you make this purchase, you'll not only receive the replacement blade, but also the screw and spacer that are necessary to install it into place. The blade itself is a custom, heavy-duty direct replacement that is designed to produce over 2,000 cuts in the field.

Ideal Continues to Prove it's One of the Best

Ideal Industries has made its mark in the industry by creating iconic products, along with practical technology that is demanded by their customers. Family owned and professionally managed, Ideal has committed to providing innovations for the future while continuing to set the standard within the industry.

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