Ideal 30-495 FT-45 Feed-Thru Modular Plug Crimp Tool

Ideal 30-495 FT-45 Feed-Thru Modular Plug Crimp Tool

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HNS Item Number: 30495
Brand: Ideal
MFR #: 30-495
UPC: 0783250787494

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Product Description

Tired of those traditional oversize crimp tools that are heavy and loaded with ineffective, unnecessary features that just don't get the job done? Then you can't miss out on Ideal's all-new 30-495 Feed-Thru Modular Plug Crimp Tool. Providing superior cuts that are clean and smooth, all within a small, lightweight design, this tool is a must-have addition to your tool bag.

Ideal's 30-495 Crimp Features

- Compact Design
- Crimps & Trims Flush in just One Step
- Crimps with Less Force
- Specifically crafted for Feed-Thru RJ-45 Modular Plugs
- Durable, Long-Lasting Blade
- Can Also Crimp Standard & Shielded Connectors

Compact Design for Easy, Convenient Use

Ideal manufactures thier 30-495 crimper to be 5-1/2" in total length and lightweight overall, allowing you to easily fit it into your pocket or lighten the load of your tool bag.

The mechanical design of the tool allows for half the typical hand force required, eliminated the use of a ratchet mechanism while also allowing for one handed crimping. The spring-loaded handled adds to the ease of use, while the custom, heavy-duty blade is built to last over 2,000 cuts and is also replaceable.

Produces a Smooth, Flush Cut

Don't let its size fool you. This tool packs a serious punch! This modular plug crimp tool makes a nice, clean cut, shearing away any excess conductors for a quality finish on the end face of the connector. You won't see any protrusions or small pieces of conductor past the plastic of the connector. High-quality results, all within a compact, easy-to-use tool is something you just can pass up on!

Ideal Industries has made its mark in the industry by creating iconic products, along with practical technology that is demanded by their customers. Family owned and professionally managed, Ideal has committed to providing innovations for the future while continuing to set the standard within the industry.

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