Ideal Industries 61-035 E-Z Check Circuit Tester

Ideal Industries 61-035 E-Z Check Circuit Tester

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HNS Item Number: 61035
Brand: Ideal
MFR #: 61-035
UPC: 0783250610358

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Product Description

The Ideal Industries 61-035 is a compact and easy to use circuit tester.  It can identify faults in three wire 120 volt circuits without the need of a larger meter or additional probes and wires.  It's strong but small small form factor makes it safe and effective to test difficult to reach receptacles.  It can also fit in a pocket or tool bag without taking up too much room.

Test Your Circuits Fast and Easy!

The 61-035 EZ tester shows open ground, open neutral, open hot, hot on neutral, hot on open, reverse polarity plus hot and ground reversed just by simply plugging it in.  The bright long life neon indicator lights were designed to be easily seen from any angle.

If you find yourself fumbling around with a larger meter just to test an outlet, get one of these Circuit Testers today!

Specifications for the 61-035 E-Z Check Circuit Tester

  • No-slip ergonomic design maximizes comfort
  • Premium neon lamps prevent false readings
  • Tough impact-resistant case
  • Tests for correct wiring, open ground, reverse polarity, open hot, open neutral, hot on neutral, hot and ground reversed with open hot in 3-wire, 125V AC circuits


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