As a true mainstay of the electrical tool community, Ideal has been providing electrical products for over a century. From hand tools and connectors to tape and testers, Ideal implements true made in the USA quality for their products. As an Ideal certified partner, you'll be able to find their vast array of tools and products here listed here at HNSTools!

As a part of Ideal Industries, Ideal Electric has been family owned and operated for over 100 years, satisfying millions of customers and setting real industry standards in the process. Based out of America's Heartland, Ideal has maintained their family-oriented mentality while still expanding into a global enterprise. Serving a set of industries that is as wide and diverse as their catalog, Ideal has established a trust and following that few can match in the industry.

American Made Tools that are Built to Last

While Ideal has an abundance of product types in their library, they might be most known for their wire connectors. Even dating back to 1949, Ideal led the United States in wire connector production, having the Wire-Nut be a universally known trademark that is still strongly used to this day.

When it comes to quality, performance and durability, Ideal's tools are at the forefront. Making the best use out of U.S. manufacturing, Ideal's tools have a strong reputation of high-quality performance and long-term durability even under the most intense environments. In fact, some of their wire strippers were requested for the lunar landing on the moon in 1969! From crimpers to screwdrivers, you'll surely get the ideal product for your tool set.

Most known by the look of the blue case that they come in, Ideal's electrical fish tape is widespread within the industry. Easy to use and convenient to carry, Ideal's fish tape has a variety of designs and lengths depending on the type of job you find yourself in. You can be sure to find all of their different fish tape configurations here at HNSTools!

High-Quality, Top Level Electrical Test Equipment

Ideal also has a firm hold in the electrical test and measurement business, highlighted by their SureTrace Circuit Testers and Tracers. You'll be able to identify and trace wires with ease by using these high-performance testers. You can be sure to grab any random accessories you may need for you tester, whether it be an add-on, upgrade or direct replacement.

Continuing to show support for the growth of the electrical industry, Ideal hold an Elite Tradesman National Championship annually. This contest finds the best electricians, whether a professional, student or apprentice, by having them compete to show their skills and test their limits while racing against the clock. They even have their own tool sets specific for this competition!

Find your Ideal Product at HNSTools!

Continuing to grow and expand as time moves forward, Ideal has never lost that family-owned mentality for their customers. Valuing the American made manufacturing model, their tools and items will surely hold up over time. And when in need of a replacement or just looking for an upgrade, browse through their inventory here at HNSTools, a proud partner of Ideal Industries!