Ideal 85-371 CAT5e Feed-Thru RJ45 Modular Plug

Ideal 85-371 CAT5e Feed-Thru RJ45 Modular Plug

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HNS Item Number: 85371
Brand: Ideal
MFR #: 85-371
UPC: 0783250853717

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Product Description

This new CAT5e Feed-Thru RJ45 Modular Plug from Ideal is a modular plug connector that is the first feed-thru style connector and tool solution to offer a flush cut of the excess conductor to the face of the modular plug. A patent pending design enables conductors to be cut flush with the end face of the connector when used with the 30-495 Crimp Tool. The flush cut eliminates inadvertent contact among adjacent conductors or with the mating jack. Conductor spacing is maintained for reliable performance in PoE and data applications.

Ideal's 85-371 Modular Plug Features

- Single-Piece Design
- Simplifies Twister Pair Assembly Process
- Eliminates Wasted Connectors due to Incorrect Assembly

Easy to use, Convenient Design for Top Quality Performance

Feed-Thru connectors have several additional advantages and improvements to traditional closed end modular plugs in assembly and termination. As conductors feed-thru the connector face, all are visibly inserted far enough to be pierced by the pin below - eliminates short wires or opens.

Conductor order can then be verified before the connector is crimped. This eliminates wasted connectors, saves time in assembly, and reduces the chances of finding an error during a wiremap test of the cable. The cable can be pushed or pulled into the connector to ensure that the twisted pairs are within 1/2" of the pin contacts and that the jacket is seated beyond the primary strain relief for a secure connection-better performance, minimal untwisted.

A Brand you can Trust

Ideal Industries has made its mark in the industry by creating iconic products, along with practical technology that is demanded by their customers. Family owned and professionally managed, Ideal has committed to providing innovations for the future while continuing to set the standard within the industry.

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