Ideal 31-088 S-Class 200ft Fiberglass Fish Tape

Ideal 31-088 S-Class 200ft Fiberglass Fish Tape

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HNS Item Number: 31088
Brand: Ideal
MFR #: 31-088
UPC: 0783250310883

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Product Description

The 31-088 is a 200 feet long fish tape made by Ideal.  This series is popular with professionals because of it's fiberglass core.  This S-Class Fish Tape uses fiberglass so it is non-conductive and will increase your safety if you are around unknown energy sources.

This fish tape can rapidly unwind and rewind with it's comfortable and ergonomically designed handle. The grip can be grasped on the side or top and works well even if you are wearing work gloves.

Choose to be Safe with the Ideal 31-088 Fish Tape

The 31-088 is safer due to the fiberglass core and non-conductive and non-arcing eyelet tip.  The S-Class series of Fish Tape was designed to promote increased safety if unintentionally used around an energized circuit.

The Tuff-Grip Pro 200' S-Class Fish Tape  is Durable

The strong and flexible fiberglass core provides greater omnidirectional pushing power and smooth handling. The rugged Tuff-Grip Pro case design improves drop impact capability, will not rust, and has a full-perimeter handle band that helps keep dirt and moisture out.

Whether you are going through walls, under the carpet, or through the ceiling it works great for long runs up to 200 feet. The smooth jacket slides easily over existing wires and around bends and the eyelet was carefully crafted with ribs, tapers, and channels to ensure navigation through any space.

If you want the Best in Class Non-Conductive 200 ft. Fish Tape, the Ideal 31-088 is the one to buy!

Features of the 31-088 Fiberglass Fish Tape

  • Strength rated for 500 lbs.
  • Rugged case design improves drop impact capability
  • Tuff-Cuff tape retaining feature keeps tape properly positioned in the opening
  • For Fast, Clean Fishing, For Fishing In Conduit With Wire Or Cable Present
  • 200 Inches x 3/16 Inch
  • Omnidirectional pushing tape
  • S-Class® core
  • Tip made of durable glass filled nylon



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