Fixing and installing cables, wiring and its accessories is one thing, keeping everything clean and organized afterwards is a whole different task. It's always a good idea to stay stocked up on those cable management supplies and a great place to start is with HellermannTyton. Specifically known for their incredibly wide variety of cable ties, HellermannTyton has become a true global manufacturing leader within in the industry. HNSTools offers an extensive library of HellermannTyton products including cable clips, cable ties, fasteners and more, that come in sorts of compositions.

For over 75 years, HellermannTyton has been using LEAN manufacturing techniques, along with proven material expertise to produce high-quality products that have proven to each and every day on jobs globally. They even partner with different manufacturers and OEM designers to provide a more targeted approach to their products.

Cable Management Products Made for Real and Made for You

Using their integrated approach to their product design, HellermannTyton is able to control the quality and cost of their products, passing along these benefits to their customers. This has helped them develop their 'Made for Real' philosophy where they value their actions instead of just words. With the backing of their manufacturing & design, along with partnering with installers & OEM developers, HellermannTyton has created a process for first-class cable management products made for you to last for many years to come.

Recently, HellermannTyton has established a commitment to environmental quality guidelines. They follow and perform at the strict environmental standards to maintain ISO 14001 certifications in their North American locations.

Military-Grade Cable Ties with a Variety of Designs, Colors and Sizes

While they provide plenty of different cable management items, HellermannTyton is most known for their military-grade cable ties. Each cable tie can include many different options, whether it be length, width or color. They also have a variety of actual tie designs including some with a built-in label plate for easier identification, one with a much higher tensile strength to support more pressure, or just your standard OE cable tie. Their cable tie product line is so vast and diverse; you'll be hard pressed to not find the exact type you are looking for.

You can find these cable ties in all shapes and sizes here at HNSTools, as we have proudly partnered with HellermannTyton to provide you with not only their renowned cable ties but also their popular cable clips and other cable management accessories. Find exactly what you are looking for by checking out our HellermannTyton inventory today!