Greenlee 1117 GripP 10 Wire Stripper/Cutter, 22-10 AWG

Greenlee 1117 GripP 10 Wire Stripper/Cutter, 22-10 AWG

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HNS Item Number: PA1117
Brand: Greenlee Tool
MFR #: PA1117
UPC: 0769328111729

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Product Description

If you work on a wide range of different gauge wires, the Greenlee 1117 (Previously Paladin Tools) can be a real time saver.  The primary feature that sets this stripper apart from all the others is the ability to strip 22 to 10 AWG wire. This usually requires a second pair of strippers. It can handle various types of wire including electrical wire, flat cable, hook-up wire, & multi-conductor cable.

The GripP Wire Strippers Perfectly Blend Ergonomics and Versatility

The 1117 was designed with an angled head that is at a 22 degree slant and prevents uncomfortable wrist bends while giving the optimal angle to reliably strip/cut cables.  The spring loaded handle is easy to squeeze and resets back to the starting position ready to strip the next wire. The pivot point on the handle is a large steel rivet instead of a bolt and nut. This ensures years of reliable on-the-job performance and will not come loose like other stripper's nut and bolt mechanism.

If precision cuts and accurate cable stripping are essential for your job or livelihood, buy the Paladin Tools/Greenlee 1117 today!

Features of the PA1117 Wire Strippers

  • Application : Strips 22-10 AWG Wire And Cable
  • Overall Length : 7.100 IN
  • Stripping Range : 22 - 10 AWG
  • Type : GripP 10
  • Width : 2.250 IN
  • Head of tool and handles designed at optimum 22º angle to prevent awkward wrist bends
  • Spring-loaded open
  • Contoured wire stripping areas precision ground for accuracy
  • Non-scoring strip and smooth wire cutting
  • Features screw cutter and wire loops embedded in frames
  • Built-in safety lock
  • Gripping jaws on front of tool
  • PA1117 will work on Romex household cable
  • Not for use on steel or armored wire and cable

-- Jersey City, NJ

Comfortable grip and good cutting range for low voltage technicians. Feels firm & sturdy when cutting. My only dislike about it is the lengh of the cutting blades; it's just a bit over 1/4 inch so if you are cutting through bunched wires you may find yourself passing twice. Recommended. [12/29/2015]