Greenlee ESC50LXB Inline 2" Cable Cutter

Greenlee ESC50LXB Inline 2" Cable Cutter

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HNS Item Number: ESC50LXB
Brand: Greenlee Tool
UPC: 0783310080053

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Product Description

Greenlee's ESC50LXB Inline 2" Cable Cutter provides increased cable cutting capacity while still being a more compact tool.

Greenlee ESC50LXB Inline Cable Cutter Features

- Cuts up to 2” diameter wire
- Works with Copper, Aluminum, Standard and Fine Stranded cable
- Hardened blade produces clean, smooth cut
- Enclosed housing and coated circuit boards for more protection and increased durability
- Inline, lightweight design for easier maneuvering
- Single trigger controls all functions
- Auto Retract Tool will automatically retract the blade at any point begin the next cutting cycle from that point to save time
- Tacky grip for simple, more comfortable gripping
- 250 degree rotating head for better cutting posture and less wrist pressure
- Uses 18V Makita battery platform for increased battery compatibility
- Faster battery charge
- Double-click safety feature
- OLED display for real-time communication and maintenance status

Greenlee ESC50LXB Bare Tool Cable Cutter Specifications

- Cutting Capacity Of Aluminum: 2" Standard and Fine Stranded
- Cutting Capacity Of Copper: 2" Standard and Fine Stranded
- Finish : Black
- Jaw Size: 50mm

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