Greenlee 501 Tracker II Buried Line Locator

Greenlee 501 Tracker II Buried Line Locator

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HNS Item Number: 501P
Brand: Greenlee Tool
MFR #: 501
UPC: 0078331008662

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Product Description

Follow the pathway and figure out the depth of buried cable service wiring, metallic pipes and conduit by picking up this Greenlee 501 Tracker II Buried Line Locator. This affordable, top-level tester can also pinpoint underground cable splices and the end of an open cable with use. Whether the system is active or dead, Greenlee's inductive signal detection design of this locator assembly will get the job done!

Greenlee 501 Buried Line Locator Features

• Determine the path and depth of underground wires & metallic pipes without shutting off system
• Works whether system is active or dead
• Provides direct, inductive coupler and inductive antenna connections
• Receive audio and visual indications of signal strength through the receiver
• Provides range up to 4,000 feet (1,219 meter) and depths up to 7 feet (2 meter)
• Output of transmitter and sensitivity are completely adjustable to get the best accuracy
• Battery operated (8 - AA and 1 - 9V included) The complete assembly is lightweight and easily portable and can provide you with audio and visual readings when in use. It is also conveniently battery operated, allowing you to use in more remote environments.

Greenlee's 501 Tracker II Locator System Includes

- 501T Transmitter Assembly
- 501R Receiver Assembly
- IC-1 Inductive Clamp Coupler
- Built-in Inductive Antenna
- Pair of CS16 8 ft Test Leads with Heavy-Duty Alligator Clips
- 500CA Molded Polyethylene Carring Case

Easily Use this High Frequency Transmitter Assembly

The transmitter within Greenlee's 501 assembly is a high-frequency application that produces an effective range up to 4,000 feet (1,219 meter), 7 feet (2 meter) underground. Manufactured from powder coated aluminum, the transmitter is contained within an aluminum case. It features an on/off control knob and an LED light that indicates the overall battery condition. Greenlee has designed the transmitter to have three different methods of connection. You can either connect it directly onto one end of the cable, the inductive coupler or the inductive antenna. Once connected, this 501 transmitter will produce an RF signal. This signal is modulated with a tone of about 1000 Hz to provide a perfectly efficient use. The transmitter's output level is fully adjustable using the on/off knob for increased accuracy. Simply turn the knob off when done or use the automatic shut-off feature after 1.5 hours of no use. Greenlee has designed the transmitter to have three different methods of connection. You can either connect it directly onto one end of the cable, the inductive coupler or the inductive antenna. The inductive antenna is assembled within the case housing and is typically used when there is no accessible way to make a direct connection. It lets the transmitter be placed on the ground over where the wire path or piping is. It then applies a tracking tone by radiating a signal from the ground surface onto the conductor and sends it back to the receiver.

Get Accurate Readings Both Audibly and Visually with a Unique Receiver Assembly

Just like the transmitter, Greenlee manufactures the receiver from powder coated aluminum that is protected within an aluminum housing. It's also battery powered that will automatically shut itself off after an hour and a half without any use. Lightweight in its overall design, Greenlee's 501 receiver is easily held and manuevered while in use. Mounted on a 32 inch handle with an antenna to help detect the tone over the cable, this hand-held receiver will allow you to trace and follow the path of the cable. It is designed to produce not just audible, but also visual indications of the signal strength being transmitted. The sensitivity of the receiver is totally adjustable to pinpoint a more accurate reading. The receiver also comes with a additional features to help get a more clear, accurate reading. It has a speaker to help listen to the signal tone, a headset jack, an on/off volume control knob and a meter to let you visibly read & monitor the signal strength levels.

You Will Have Everything You Need to Trace and Locate Piping and Cabling

Acting as one of the methods of connections to the transmitter, the inductive coupler included with this Tracker II Locator Assembly is created to induce a tracing tone on a cable, wire or pipe without having to establish any metallic contact or removing bonds. It's typically used when testing on active lines or when getting a line isolated is just not possible. It simply clamps around the object and then sends a tone to the transmitter to let you the location of the active or dead cables. With its plastic & iron construction, the coupler can accommodate cable up to 3 inches. When you pick up their 501 Tracker II Buried Line Locator, Greenlee will also include additional needed accessories including a pair of leads that are 8 feet long and come with plugs & clips to help connect the transmitter to the cable or pipe. Everything comes within a carrying case made out of vacuum formed polyethylene. It helps make strong and transporting the whole Tracker II assembly much easier while keeping it protective. There's also a simple, quick reference operation guide within the inside of the lid.

Greenlee 501 Buried Line Cable Locator Specifications

- Automatic Shut Off : 90 MINT Transmitter And Receiver
- Dimensions : 33.50 IN X 8.250 IN X 3.750 IN
- Receiver Battery Life: 10 HR Nominal
- Receiver Power Requirement: 1 9V battery
- Transmitter Battery Life: 30 HR Nominal
- Transmitter Frequency: 447.5 KHZ
- Transmitter Power Requirement: 8 AA batteries
- Voltage Proection: 240 VAC/500 VDC For long-range wire locating on active or dead systems, the Greenlee 501 Tracker II Buried Line Locator is an easy-to-use and affordable solution. Order yours today!

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It is an excellent equipment, easy to use and it helps me a lot to mark telephone, TV, etc. cables so as not to damage them during my work. [7/15/2019]

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-- Tampa Fl

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-- Norwich, Ohio

We’re very happy with the product!! It works like it’s supposed to and the packaging was great!!! We did 2 day shipping and arrived a day earlier. Great company and definitely would buy again! [8/13/2018]

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