Datashark PA70034 Fixed Blade 110 Punchdown Tool

Datashark PA70034 Fixed Blade 110 Punchdown Tool

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HNS Item Number: PA70034
Brand: Datashark
MFR #: PA70034
UPC: 0769328102598

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Product Description

The DataShark PA70034 (now owned by Greenlee) is a great little punchdown for those side projects or just as a backup.  If your going to be making hundreds of connections every day, you may want to consider a more featured punchdown with a spring loaded handle, but for occasional use, the PA70034 is great tool at a great price that gets the job done.

The DataShark PA70034 Terminates Cat 5/6 Remarkably Well

Our customers are often pleasantly surprised at how well the Paladin Tools PA70034 securely terminates cat 5/6 cables.  Even for home owners and do-it-yourselfers, this punchdown tool will have you making professional quality connections right out of the box.  With the right amount of pressure, you'll terminate the cable and trim off the excess wire in one step. If you've tried to make RJ45 connections without a punchdown tool, then the PA70034 will make your wires much happier having been spared that trauma!

Get the Datashark 70034 punchdown today at an amazing price for a great little punchdown tool!

Terminating Phone or Data Jacks with the PA70034 Punchdown is Easy:

  1. Prepare the cable by removing 2-3" from the outer jacket, insert, and arrange the wires appropriately in jack.
  2. Align the PA70034 over a wire contact's slot with the cutting blade facing out toward the end of the wire
  3. Push the PA70034 down until the wire fully terminates in the contact and the excess wire cuts off

Features of the DataShark PA70034 at a Glance

  • Comfortable handle
  • Non-impact style punchdown tool
  • Works with Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6 UTP/STP cables
  • Terminates wire and cuts off excess in one step
  • Good quality tool at an affordable price
  • Includes : 110 Fixed Blade
  • Distributed by Greenlee
  • Sub Brand : Paladin Tools

5 Stars -- n/a

Works great and was a good deal. I used this to punch down wires into a patch panel. Works great, and it did cut off the ends of the wires. [6/9/2015]

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