Custom Wall Plate Configurator

No home theater system is exactly the same, so why should the wall plates be? This tool will help you to custom design your own wall plates. The instructions are simple:

  1. Select a color for your wall plate - (white only available at this time).
  2. Select the maximum number of gangs you want your completed plate to be.
  3. Choose which components you would like to appear in your wall plate.

This tool is designed to make one plate at a time. If you would like to order multiple custom made plates, you will be able to come back to this form to design another plate. You will also be given the option to create multiple identical plates.

Not sure what your plate is going to look like? Click "Create my Plate" to see a graphical representation of your wall plate.

Need a little assistance getting started? Our customer service representatives are here to help. Feel free to email your questions! We can be reached Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM EST at 888.872.8008.

Audio Components

Speaker Binding Post Set $2.98
Coax to RCA Coupler Audio Set $3.98
Left/Right Audio RCA Set $1.98
Left/Right Audio RCA Set With Video $3.97
Purple Subwoofer RCA Coupler $1.99
Toslink Optical Coupler $4.99

Video Components

Component RCA Coupler Set $5.97
Gold Plated Coax Coupler $0.99
S-Video Coupler $1.49
Yellow RCA Coupler - Video $1.99

Individual RCA Couplers

Red RCA Coupler $1.99
White RCA Coupler $1.99
Green RCA Coupler $1.99
Blue RCA Coupler $1.99
Yellow RCA Coupler $1.99
Purple RCA Coupler $1.99

Volume / Selector Switches

Single Source Speaker Volume Control $14.99
Speaker A/B Rocker Switch $12.99

Ethernet Jacks

Cat5e Networking Coupler $2.49
Cat5e Networking Jack * $2.49
Cat5e EZ-Snap Networking Jack $2.49
Cat6 Networking Jack $2.49

* If multiple Cat5e Networking Jacks are selected, this part will be replaced with the Cat5e EZ-Snap Networking Jack as the plate does not fit more than one.


3.5 MM Coupler $2.99
HDMI Coupler $7.99
DVI Wall Plate Coupler $14.99
Gold Plated SVGA Coupler Insert $9.99
SVGA / 3.5 MM Coupler $12.99
USB A-F to USB A-F Coupler $7.99

Telephone Jacks

Standard Telephone Jack * $1.49

* Due to the width of this component, 2 or more will only fit on a wall plate vertically and not side by side.

Special Purpose

Bulk Wire Cover Insert $2.49