Belden IT1000 Snap 'N Seal Connector Installation Tool

Belden IT1000 Snap 'N Seal Connector Installation Tool

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HNS Item Number: IT1000
Brand: Belden
MFR #: IT1000
UPC: 0810745010635

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Product Description

The Beldon IT1000 installation tool is well constructed and functions flawlessly every time you pull it from your tool bag!  To install an F connector, you insert the end of your coax cable into the the cutter side and rotate the tool around a couple times. Pulling off the cut outer jacket and the inner insulator will leave you with a perfectly stripped cable.  Slide on a connector and use the IT1000 to easily compress and seal the connector onto the cable.

The Snap 'N Seal Connector Installation tool is a great investment for pro installers or serious DIY types!

An installation tool that both strips and compresses a connector will save time, energy, and space in your toolbox. This is a high quality compression tool and a must-have for CATV work. If your making connections all day, you'll come to appreciate how lightweight the IT1000 is, as well as the spring loaded and comfortable grip.  The blade cartridge for the stripper is replaceable (IT10002), so you can reliably strip cables for many years. There is also an indicator that appears on the side of the body to confirm that the compression cycle is complete.

If you frequently work with coax cable, this tool is the right choice for the job!

The Belden IT1000 works great with the following Belden and Thomas & Betts Snap-N-Seal connectors:

  • RG6 'F' connectors
  • RG59 'F' connectors
  • SNS6
  • SNS1P6
  • SNS1P6U
  • SNS6QS
  • SNS1P6QS
  • SNS59
  • SNS59QS
  • SNS59HEC
  • SNS1P59
  • SNS1P59QS
  • SNS1P59HEC


5 Stars -- whitesburg, ga

best tool to have for snap n seal connectors [12/14/2018]

5 Stars -- Scarborough, ON

i got my it1000. All are fine. [5/5/2014]

5 Stars -- Sacramento, CA

Great all-in-one tool for snap-n-seal connectors. Orange color makes it easy to spot in the tool box. [2/11/2014]

5 Stars -- San Francisco, CA

I've been using this IT1000 tool for the past few months and absolutely love it. The only thing I'd recommend is that when using the stripping tool (located on the back of the unit), be sure to allow the coax to be just ever so slightly longer than recommended (about 1-2mm). The unit is better than the normal SNSUTL tool since the IT1000 allows for both stripping as well as compressing in the same unit. No, it's not as pretty as the SNSUTL, but it sure is easier to use and more durable! [12/17/2008]

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