AFL 8500-10-0012MZ Blue Replacement Cletop Tape

AFL 8500-10-0012MZ Blue Replacement Cletop Tape

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HNS Item Number: 8500100012MZ
Brand: AFL Telecommunications
MFR #: 8500-10-0012MZ
UPC: 0888063110160

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Product Description

The AFL CLETOP 8500-10-0012MZ is the replacement cleaning tape for the CLETOP fiber optic connector cleaning cassette. This fully replaceable cleaning tape can be used for over 400 connectors in the CLETOP Ferrule Cleaner. It is designed to clean 2.5-mm ferrules on SC, FC, ST, D4, DIN and LC connectors. Push the CLETOP lever down to expose two slots in plastic insert over tape. Wipe each connector twice -- once down each slot.

Proper cleaning extends the life of connects and reduces replacement costs - why risk waiting? Start today!

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