Ideal 61-959 SureTrace Circuit Tracer, Open/Closed

Ideal 61-959 SureTrace Circuit Tracer, Open/Closed

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HNS Item Number: 61959
Brand: Ideal
MFR #: 61-959
UPC: 0783250748440

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Product Description

Use this simple tool to easily pinpoint open and short circuits - identify circuits and fuses as well as trace wires behind walls. The bright meter provides a numeric value between 0 and 99 and a variable pitch/tone audible indication. The peak detector provides instantaneous signal strength feedback. Easily read results with a rotating display.

Kit Includes: Transmitter (TR-955), Receiver (RC-959), Tracer Lead Set (TL-956), Inductive Clamp (IC-958), Battery Pack and Strap (BP-958), batteries and case.

Other features:

  • Numeric value and audible signal provide quick and easy-to-understand tracing feedback
  • Receiver display rotates automatically for easy viewing
  • Identifies breakers and fuses
  • Pinpoints opens and shorts
  • Traces wires behind walls
  • Can be used on circuits 0-600V AC/DC

New Model Enhancements:

  • Ruggedized overmolding for enhanced impact resistance
  • Handset signal communication is tuned tighter to reduce false signaling on noisy circuits
  • Bolder display for effortless viewing
  • Sensitivity range expanded – no signal saturation on multiple breakers.
  • Enhanced powermanagement – 10% longer battery life and smart low battery indicator prevents performance degradation
  • Peak detector displays signal intensity fluidly
  • Features CertainCircuit™

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