HNS 35-Foot Orange S/PDIF Digital Coaxial Cable

HNS 35-Foot Orange S/PDIF Digital Coaxial Cable

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Product Description

Our custom cable line is constructed of RG59 digital coaxial cable with 100% bonded foil shielding and 95% tinned copper braid shield. Cable Specifications:

  • 23 AWG solid bare copper conductors
  • 1.5” functional bend radius
  • Meets SMPTE Broadcast Digital Standards
  • 75 Ohm impedance
  • 83% Velocity of propagation
  • Maximum operating voltage of 300v
  • Temperature rating of -20C to +75C
  • Gas injected foam high density PE
  • Maximum pulling tension of 36 lbs These cables can transmit signal without signal degradation as follows: Composite applications – 1000’ maximum length Component applications – 750’ maximum length HDTV applications – 210’ maximum length The high precision connector ends are nickel plated with gold plated contacts.

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