Ideal 158050 Kit of 12 x RJ45 Remote Units

Ideal 158050 Kit of 12 x RJ45 Remote Units

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HNS Item Number: 158050
Brand: Ideal Networks
MFR #: 158050
UPC: 0783250764877

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Product Description

The Ideal 158050 Kit is used to extend the remote testing ability of the Ideal VDV II.  The Kit includes 12qty RJ45 remote units that are numbered 1 through 12 to easily identify them while checking cables and connections. 

The state-of-the-art VDV II cable tester allows you to check the integrity of Voice, Data and Video wires. The VDV II quickly finds and shows wiring faults accurately which will simplify troubleshooting and improve productivity. 

Use with the Ideal VDV II to Save Time & Money

The VDV II is already known in the industry for it's ability to quickly check and troubleshoot cables.  With the addition of the 158050 Kit, you can now be even more productive.  These remote units will allow you to test and wiremap up to 12 locations from one drop point.   Pass and fail tests are displayed instantly and since the remote units are clearly labeled you will have no problem tracking down the troublesome cable.

Use the Ideal 158050 Kit for Professional Cable Installation

If you need to get the job done right and want to increase on site productivity, you will want to use the Ideal 158050 RJ45 Remote Kit!  This will eliminate having to constantly walk (crawl?) back and forth to test each cable and location individually. These have been used successfully in domestic, commercial or industrial settings to identify issues with voice, data or video installations.

If you already have the Ideal VDV II or are looking to purchase one, make sure you buy this add on kit!

Ideal 158050 VDV II RJ45 Features:

  • For use with VDV II series testers
  • Active remotes used for wiremap testing
  • Connected remote shows on vdv ii display
  • Assists in termination for accurate length and troubleshooting
  • Pack of 12 remote


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